I grew up in the 90’s and I don’t think I could have imagined at the time it would be my favorite fashion era. I remember distinctively as a little kid having a conversation with my dad asking him what the 90’s would be known for in terms of fashion. I was very concerned that my growing years could not compare to the 70’s and 80’s and that I was being short changed. I was kind of a weirdo but a fashion conscience weirdo.  Looking back now, I would give my right arm to still have my collection of baby t-shirts and chokers. Well, maybe not my right arm but, obvi, it would be amazing! Now that I am older, I really appreciate the 90’s hip hop babes and pop stars. They are my biggest style icons. My street style is heavily influenced by Aaliyah and TLC. I love how their styles show a toughness mixed with femininity, mainly because that is the type of women I aspire to be.

My favorite 90’s styles are baby t-shirts with baggy jeans and, of course, the 90’s slip dress! It is sooo iconic. You can dress it up with heels, or throw on some sneaks or combat boots. You can add a flannel around the waist or a top underneath. There are just so many ways to look chic or street (or both!) in a slip dress. It’s versatile, packable, simple and feminine. Along with a LBD and trench coat, the slip dress is something every woman should have in her closet.  Check out my take on the 90’s slip dress and three cute slip dresses you can buy right now.

Black Slip Midi Dress by Express

Asos Design Midi Slip Dress

Free People Time To Shine Slip Dress

Lulu’s Cowl Neck Midi Slip Dress