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Animal Attraction: Top 3 Over-the-Knee Animal Print Boots

I have so many things I am really happy about in 2018. Starting this blog is one of them. I traveled a lot. I found my stride at work. I let go of old baggage ( the emotional kind, not the Gucci kind) andddd (drum roll please) animal prints and faux fur are THE THING this year. I know...the last one seems out of place from the rest, but you got to take the [...]

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Loving Leopard: My Top 5 Leopard Looks

I am kind of obsessed with leopard print right now. Honestly, I always was! This season, it's legit EVERYWHERE I turn.  I am personally excited because I finally am not the only one being extra and showing up to the party in a leopard fur! I recently purchased an 80’s style leopard jumpsuit from Marbles Vintage on my trip to Amsterdam last month and I am DY-ING over it. The tag says it was [...]

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Re-Tulle: How to Re-style Your Outfits for Special Occasions

From now until the end of the year, it is straight up fancy party mode!( Yayyyy) It’s fall wedding, homecoming, gala, holiday gathering, any and everything elegant season. This, obvi, is a super fun time of the year given there are so many opportunities to celebrate and get dolled up. Unfortunately, it can be a not so fun time for your wallet. Never fear though guys! A few years ago, I discovered the perfect [...]

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A Flare for Drama

I can honestly say as I write this post, my life is drama free! After so many years, it feels pretty good to say right now, I am REALLY happy. I never take this for granted, because I know moments when you feel like everything is all good can truly be fleeting. These days, I’m accepting drama only in my outfit choices!  Nasty Gal was having a massive sale this spring. I grabbed up [...]

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