One of the things I am doing this fall is evaluating what I am going to hold on to and what things I should let go. This goes for both life and wardrobe. For wardrobe, I am definitely holding on to snake print.  I love animal print in general but snake print is just sultry and sleek. Have you seen the way a snake moves its body? I need that in my life!  I feel like snake print evokes all this slithery, sexy power. Snake print is also a neutral so it pairs really well with jeans, red pants or for ultra-sexy, anything faux leather.

For life, I am holding on to my wins. I think most time, we are always searching for the next goal so we don’t take the time to celebrate even our small achievements. I am working on doing that more because when I look back, I see I have come a long way. I am letting go of people who have disappointed me. Sometimes I give people too many chances. Next year, I just have to say ENOUGH!…The milk has spoiled…Time to toss it.

I am looking forward to a body covered in snake print, a spirit filled with joy for my wins and a soul free of people who don’t deserve my time. It’s almost a new year my friends. Take a look in your closet and a look in your heart and see what should stay and what should go.

Shop this snake print and leather style below!

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Woman wearing a brown hat, dress and shoes and a snake print top holding a poll in NYC
Girl wearing a brow hat, leather dress and boots with a snake print top holding a poll in NYC

Photos by: Rockinhedgehog

Girl standing in street holding a purse wearing brown knee high boots, brown leather dress and a snake print top
Girl wearing a brown dress, hat and knee high boots holding a purse in the middle of an NYC street