It is no secret that I am a fan of dramatic clothing. I believe color, texture, prints and shapes are the difference between just wearing clothing and wearing fashion.  One aesthetic I find myself constantly coming back to are dramatic sleeves.  Whenever I see a dramatic sleeve or shoulder I think of some bad ass Victorian princess or a diva in the 80’s who works at a PR firm, drinks champagne during the day and angrily hangs up the phone on people! The look is super regal and very powerful. Also, I recognize that not every person wants to show their arms during the summer.  Puff sleeves are a great way to rock a sleeve but look really really cool while doing it.  Puff sleeves are also the absolute best for a bad hair day! When there is a lot of drama happening around your arms and shoulders, you can throw your hair back into a pony and let the sleeves shine.

Check out how I styled this Rhode puff sleeve dress from Rent the Runway and some puff sleeve looks you can buy now:

Photos by: @Jennallenphoto

Shop the puff sleeve look below: