I feel like I say everything is my favorite thing…BUT…the Preakness Stakes is definitely My FAVORITE THING! This year I was so excited to collaborate with my friends at Geegeebae for this amazing butterfly princess look.  I got a TON of compliments on it (like more than ever in my life). If you have a cool summer party or wedding coming up, this set would definitely impress your date or maybe (even better) you will leave with one!

I’m a huge fan of scuba material. It is denser than cotton but is breathable. It does not wrinkle and because it’s this spongy thick material it can look chic and expensive. This set is extra lush because it is embroidered with  3D butterfly appliques, so coupled with the scuba, the set has added texture that looks honestly so luxurious for the price. Blush baby pink also looks beautiful on any skin tone.  I was DEAD when I took it out of the packaging. It’s just so stinking pretty and one of my favorite looks ever.

Also, I  am OBSESSED with Geegeebae the company. There are so many e-commerce fast fashion brands out there but Geegeebae really gets it. They have this amazing trendy and feminine aesthetic at affordable prices. The shipping is fast and the outfits look just like the pics. They are also genuinely NICE. I love the clothes but it’s the customer service that keeps me coming back.

Check out the pics below if you are looking to replicate my look

…AND may I highly suggest you do because this scuba set KILLS!

If you are looking to purchase this look,

use the code “THEMACKRAE” for 15% off.

I purchased all my accessories from Amazon! Click the links to shop below:

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