Lately, I have been feeling so freakin’ good. I am really vibing and enjoying life. I had some awful years previously and a lot of weight on my shoulders so it’s nice to feel light. Life is like that. It ebbs and flows.

When it’s good, FULLY enjoy it!  With this lightness also comes a feeling of power over my life (at least the parts I can control). I could probably control how much wine and pizza I keep consuming.Probably, my running habits a bit more too. Like…do more of it or just literally do any of it.

For the most part, however, I am feeling like I got this!

Here is my advice/what I do to feel powerful:

Avoid toxic and negative people

Some people will drain all of the energy out of you if you let them. You will become like a tire with a nail in it, slowly becoming flat and not operating to your full capacity. I call these draining people “Dementors”. You know that character from Harry Potter that feeds on human happiness?? (Google it). Delete them from your story. They served their role. Learn and move on.

Know steadfastly who you are

People talk. People talk shit. What does that have to do with you if you know what you are about and who you are trying to be? Ignore the chatter. Surround yourself with people that genuinely want to support the you that YOU love.

Own your stuff

Work towards owning things and building your wealth. Buying a home helped me to feel like I had a real adult stake in the world. Stability is comforting.

Know your weaknesses

Recognize what you are not good at and try to improve it or accept it. Know what gets you in trouble and stay far far away. Self-control is your most powerful ally. You can’t prevent others from trying to hurt you, but you can certainly try your best to prevent hurting yourself.

Get a power outfit!

My power outfit is a suit. It makes me feel like I am running thangsss. (Hair flip). Clothes evoke a plethora of emotions in you. There are outfits for every emotion: sexy time, death, laying on the sofa eating onion dip, pretty much everything. Why not get your power outfit together for when you want to feel like a boss? This suit I picked up in Italy at one of my favorite Stores, G. Sel Milano. The green is bold and amps up the power factor. The silver stripe on the side gives it edge. Edgy and powerful is exactly how I am feeling and exactly, how I want to be.





The power to be a powerful woman is really (as cheesy and cliche as it sounds) inside of you. Take a long hard look in the mirror and make sure you like what you see. If you don’t … start by throwing on a suit!