I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas (says everyone every single Christmas)!I actually am not a big Christmas person. I guess it’s because I don’t have kids and I just dread running around buying random nonsense gifts for Karen and whoever at the office. You know those cheesy ones they put in the checkout aisle to tempt you?  They are like ear buds and jelly beans and socks.  I mean, honestly, it’s kind of cute getting them, but I’m so last minute I always end up going to the supermarket and buying gift cards each year. God bless those ladies that are like making a ham and centerpieces and handwriting their cards in calligraphy and wrapping all their shit. Anything larger than an envelope from me will 100% be in a bag. Also, God bless the ladies just doing their best to stay alive. I know I am!

The parts about Christmas I really love are getting dressed up and celebrating one another… and drinking signature cocktails…and eating cookies and cake and cheese. Actually, as I am writing this, I’m thinking maybe I am a low key undercover Christmas person. Anyway, I so appreciate when people take extra time to look special. Fashion is such a big part of my life so those few times of the year where the whole world is thinking about what they are going to wear (Christmas and NYE!) really excite me.

This year, as in many prior years, velvet and sequin will be in abundance at all holiday shindigs. You really can’t go wrong if you choose that route.  I recently went to a party and saw a bunch of girls in blazer dresses in both fabrics. If you want to stand out, I say try black and white polka dots.  I personally love polka dots because I feel like it is a print that fits with any season. It is a print looks that looks very elegant and  and almost regal.  When I think Polka Dots, I think Kate Middleton or Olivia Pope! Check out these pics in my fav polka dot dress from Asos and my top 4 festive picks for holiday parties.

Faux Jacket by Pull and Bear

Parisian Polka Dot Dress by Asos

Thigh Highs by Leg Avenue

Hat by Rue 21

Venus Wrap Detail Mini Dress

Topshop Plunge Neck Polka Dot Midi Dress

Bebe Whitney Polka Dot Gown

Asos Design Halter Tulle Polka Dot Dress