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How to Wear Sequins During the Day

It’s fun to see what’s happening on the runways, but more importantly I love to see how people interpret styles on the streets. One of the street styles I vibed with this summer was sequins during the day. Sequins is a look that is normally associated with the evening and holidays, so it was very charming to see it out boldly in the summer daylight. I know there is a whole war on [...]

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The Top 5 Reasons I loved My 4 days in Amsterdam

It’s so stylish. The street style in Amsterdam is really on another level. It’s the best I have seen anywhere. Italian style is more like effortless elegance. Amsterdam style is effortless rocker urban hippie chic. I spotted a ton of leather, fur coats mixed with chunky boots and ripped jeans.  Everything felt really young, fresh and cutting edge. There were lots of variations of current trends like animal prints and plaids. The shopping was [...]

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How To be Fly while Flying: Travel Tips for Flying like a Pro

I love lots of things, clothes being very high on the list and travel is right on up there. I have noticed a thing or two as I have prepared for travel and navigated my way through the airport. I am headed off to Amsterdam today and hope you can use some of the tidbits I have learned along the way on your own adventures. Google Flights is my boyfriend Er mi GAWDDD. Google [...]

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Re-Tulle: How to Re-style Your Outfits for Special Occasions

From now until the end of the year, it is straight up fancy party mode!( Yayyyy) It’s fall wedding, homecoming, gala, holiday gathering, any and everything elegant season. This, obvi, is a super fun time of the year given there are so many opportunities to celebrate and get dolled up. Unfortunately, it can be a not so fun time for your wallet. Never fear though guys! A few years ago, I discovered the perfect [...]

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Badass and Bold

I like my fashion choices bold and I like my life choices even bolder (Is that even a word, guyz? If not, it is today.) The fall is everyone’s perfect analogy for new beginnings…or endings. They technically are the same thing, if you really think about it. Every time something ends, it’s an amazing opportunity to create a space for something new and beautiful to start, IF (and only if), we manifest it. No [...]

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Put your Freakum Dress On

I would describe my style as very feminine with a touch of sexy.  I feel lucky to be in a place where I am excited about how clothes fit on my body. Girls will sometimes approach me (mostly drunk ones in bathrooms!!) to tell me how much they love my outfit, but say it’s something they could never pull off. I’m always thinking to myself, that is your first problem right there baby gurl! [...]

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