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3 Ways to Accessorize a Black Leather Dress

Leather style is a major trend this fall, which I said in an earlier post but had to write about again because it is so freaking exciting! I like textures and materials that scream “I’m a bad bish” (had to put the PG version in for my mom).  It’s very hard to compete with leather. It might very well be the most badass material of them all. Honorable mention to lace and vinyl for [...]

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“Instaworthy” Instagram Photos by Strangers

Lots of peeps have told me they are surprised to hear many of my photos on Instagram are taken by complete strangers on the street. Below are some tricks for how to get Instaworthy photos on your cell from a stranger. Stay Ready and Be Confident If you want to get bomb pics, you MUST be camera ready! That means practicing your angles and poses so you have a general idea of what you [...]

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How to Sparkle and Shine in 20 One Nine

Can you believe it’s almost 2019?? I don’t know about you, but it feels like the older I get the quicker the years fly by. New Year’s Eve has never been a big thing to me in terms of resolutions (only in terms of turning up!). I always celebrate the new year on my birthday. I set my goals and resolutions around my age. My b-day is in August, so [...]

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Animal Attraction: Top 3 Over-the-Knee Animal Print Boots

I have so many things I am really happy about in 2018. Starting this blog is one of them. I traveled a lot. I found my stride at work. I let go of old baggage ( the emotional kind, not the Gucci kind) andddd (drum roll please) animal prints and faux fur are THE THING this year. I know...the last one seems out of place from the rest, but you got to take the [...]

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Polka Party: My Top 4 Festive Polka Dot Dresses

I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas (says everyone every single Christmas)!I actually am not a big Christmas person. I guess it’s because I don’t have kids and I just dread running around buying random nonsense gifts for Karen and whoever at the office. You know those cheesy ones they put in the checkout aisle to tempt you?  They are like ear buds and jelly beans and socks.  I mean, honestly, it’s kind of cute [...]

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Loving Leopard: My Top 5 Leopard Looks

I am kind of obsessed with leopard print right now. Honestly, I always was! This season, it's legit EVERYWHERE I turn.  I am personally excited because I finally am not the only one being extra and showing up to the party in a leopard fur! I recently purchased an 80’s style leopard jumpsuit from Marbles Vintage on my trip to Amsterdam last month and I am DY-ING over it. The tag says it was [...]

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