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Visiting the Atlantis Bahamas

There are so many great things about being an East Coast Girl. One positive is that we can just pop down to the Caribbean and literally be in paradise in a little over 2 hours. This Christmas my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate separately because his parents live in Italy. Instead, we had our own “Holiday after the Holiday” at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was super fun! Here is [...]

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Houndstooth Print for 2019

I am super excited that houndstooth print is a major trend for Fall 2019! I have always loved houndstooh, first of all because of the name ( it's honestly fun to say) and second because it's so classic. Houndstooth exudes sophistication and elegance.  Also, because houndstooth is generally in black or white, it's fun to mix it up by throwing in a bight red shoe, yellow bag or teal sweater.  If all over print [...]

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Snake Print: What I am Holding on to and Letting Go this Fall

One of the things I am doing this fall is evaluating what I am going to hold on to and what things I should let go. This goes for both life and wardrobe. For wardrobe, I am definitely holding on to snake print.  I love animal print in general but snake print is just sultry and sleek. Have you seen the way a snake moves its body? I need that in my life!  I [...]

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Feather Heels for Fall 2019

Generally, I love textures, prints, and anything that looks particularly luxurious. Recently, I have become obsessed with feather heels!  I picked up this pair randomly on a mall trip and I have been wearing them with literally everything. My favorite way to rock feather heels is with boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt. I think the mix of something chill and masculine on top with just a punch of sexiness the feather heel brings is [...]

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Purple Fashion Trend for Fall 2019

I get super excited for fall trends even though I am trying to hang on (desperately) to summer.  Here in Baltimore, the purple fashion trend is a regular thing. We rock purple fashion all football season for the Baltimore Ravens and every Friday is "purple Friday" to get hyped for Sunday games. For everyone else in the universe this fall 2019,... it's now your time to hop on board [...]

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Pleather Weather

Ahhh! It’s that time of year again!  The leaves are turning colors. My beer taste like pumpkin and I can finally wear pleather pants without them sticking to my butt in the heat. Yayyy! Fall is here! I am a huge fan of adding pleather pieces for the change to the cooler seasons. No matter what the look, pleather adds edge and cool girl vibes to any outfit. I love to mix in [...]

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