Here is another cute combo I picked up from the Nasty Gal spring sale.  I feel like throwing on a midriff top with high waist pants is really a fail proof choice. It looks appealing on pretty much any body type. I personally like to feel snatched with the pants coming up quite high and covering my belly so I can go a bit smaller on the top.  But ya’ know, everyone should rock whatever makes them feel like a queen. Tropical and floral prints seem to be everywhere in summer 2018! I love these colors and the print. It gives me a South American, Brazilian, Colombian kind of vibe.  I felt like yasssss, today I need this in my life.  Yasssss, click add to shopping cart (I click add to cart … like… way too much). The added element of the string ties on the crop top is what really had me like, “Get your wallet out girl. You know what time it is.”  Each time you wear it, you can switch it up and tie it around your neck or any variation depending on your mood.

And, of course, we need outfits to match everrry mood, probably why I have so many.