It’s hard to find enough adjectives that can clearly describe the perfection that is Italy. I have been five times and there is no sign of stopping. I am obsessed with everything Italian. It’s too much to be summed up in one post, so I am going to do a little series on the top reasons I love Italy. Let’s start with the very very obvious and one of the BEST reasons:

1) The Fashion

Can you even talk about Italy without acknowledging how fabulous everyone is dressed at all times?? I mean everyone… nona, babies, ladies on the way to the market, teenagers, men, EVERYONE! Every breathing human is chic and probably the not breathing ones too. Nobody is rolling out of bed in yoga pants or cargo shorts. People are effortlessly cool and they love their shopping. A big misconception about Italian fashion is that it’s not accessible. Most people associate Italy only with big name fashion brands. This is totally not the only option. Because the country is so fashion forward, all of the trends and looks trickle down to the affordable stores and little boutiques. You can find unique pieces almost anywhere at reasonable prices. If you are (sadly) unable to get your Italian shopping fix, window shopping is a unique experience too. I get a ton of inspo just looking in the shop windows. I like to see how the mannequins are styled with their little Italian flare. This includes a lot of fun prints, textures and interesting cuts of clothing that are not quite as tight and sexy as the American style. My preferred place to shop is Città Sant’Angelo Outlet Village in Abruzzo, Italy. My fav stores are G.Sel Milano, and Denny Rose. I also love Zheo Donna and Bosone boutiques in Pescara, Italy. Here is just a peek of a few of the cute outfits I picked up this year. Can’t wait to show you more!

Jumpsuit from G. Sel Milano for under 30 Euros.

Top and pants from Zheo Donna for under 30 Euros.

Pants only 10 Euros from Pull and Bear.