Woman wearing tweed mini skirt and beret stands outdoors holding her hipsI absolutely loathe the cold!  One of the few upsides is that I am super looking forward to rocking some tweed style for the winter! Tweed style and tweed fabric get a bad rap for looking “frumpy dumpy” or  like you are on your way to an afternoon clay shoot with the Queen of England (without Meghan and Harry, which would actually make it really cool!). Similar to plaid and houndstooth, tweed fabric is super posh and incredibly timeless. Mixed and matched the right way, it’s easy to style tweed and look fab instead of frumpy.

Here are 3 easy tips for styling: 

1.  Tweed fabric is pretty closely associated with adjectives like mature and conservative. These are not bad things, however, this connotation is part of tweeds unfortunate frumpy reputation. The best way to combat this is to wear something short like a tweed mini skirt or tweed mini dress. Pair the tweed mini with something fun and sexy like over the knee boots or tights for an added youthful touch.

2.  Another non frumpy dumpy way to rock a tweed style is by pairing a tweed fabric blazer mixed with black faux leather trousers or black pvc pants. The juxtaposition of the very edgy leather or PVC against the more traditional tweed fabric will keep the look trendy and cool.

3.  Lastly, take your tweed style completely street. Trying rocking a tweed overcoat with a pair of sweat pants, chunky sneakers or a baseball cap and throw an oversize hoodie under a tweed blazer.

Woman wears a tweed mini, puff sleeve blouse, beret and over the knee boots close up of woman wearing a tweed mini dress, puff sleeve blouse, over the knee bootsWoman leaning wearing a tweed mini dress, Puff sleeve top, beret and over the knee black boots

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Tweed fabric doesn’t have to be geriatric y’all! Don’t be afraid to mix in other youthful fabrics, accessories or skirt lengths. Above all, if you feel good about yourself, then you have achieved the first step in having great tweed style.

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