I love lots of things, clothes being very high on the list and travel is right on up there. I have noticed a thing or two as I have prepared for travel and navigated my way through the airport. I am headed off to Amsterdam today and hope you can use some of the tidbits I have learned along the way on your own adventures.

Google Flights is my boyfriend

Er mi GAWDDD. Google Flights is the best thing to ever happen in life. I say that about everything but, really, this time I mean it. It is the coolest. I prefer it over discount flight search engines 100%. You can type in a destination or look at the map of the world and then pull up a calendar with the lowest cost for each day. You can filter by airline, airport, and city. It’s the best way to compare flight cost, time and stop overs. Honestly, it’s just fun to play with. International travel is more affordable and easier than ever. Using Google Flights, you  can play around with the dates and locations until you find  something in your budget.

Not every airline is your bae

I am all about deals and cost saving honey, but sometimes you’ve got to read the fine print. Probably, all of the time but definitely when buying an airline ticket. Flying international can be really grueling if you are going far. You want to be comfortable. Don’t just be tempted to buy the cheapest flight. There is a reason why it’s cheap. One reason is that it is a no frills low cost carrier. That means no goodies, no booze, no wifi, no catching up on movies, no free bag check, no free seat, no leg room, no food, no no no. I hate hearing no. Really hate it. BUT, sometimes if it’s not too long of a flight it’s totally doable. Also, a cheap flight could mean super-duper long layovers and/or 2 or 3 of them. One layover is my max and long layovers can get uncomfortable on the cold hard airport floor. Lastly, a really cheap flight could mean the visa process is tedious. Most times, you can pay online or get them at the airport, but some countries have visa restrictions where you have to meet with the embassy and go on an interview. This process can take several weeks so plan accordingly. You don’t want to fly somewhere and then have to fly right back. That would be super lame. Visit the Department of State website if you are a U.S Citizen traveling outside of the country. There you will find info about your passport and visa requirements. Cheap flights are not all bad though. Just keep an eye out for any hidden catches.

The fabric of our lives

You must must must have an airport look. It’s essential. If I told you how many hours I spent Googling “Korean Airport Fashion”, I would be ashamed. It’s so cute guys (do it). Don’t miss this opportunity to show your personal style and use the airport as a beautiful backdrop. Most importantly wear cotton. Not only are cotton pants breathable and comfy (okay, what I am about to say is scary) BUT if the plane catches on fire, it won’t melt to your skin like a synthetic fabric. Also, should they have to inflate the slide to deplane in an emergency; you want to get down as easily as possible. Generally, just be cute and casual. No heels or weird fabrics. Airports are generally safe, but crazy shit can go down. Safety first and fashion second. It’ so hard putting fashion ever second, but at the airport we must arrive alive (first) and then with style.

My Amsterdam Airport Look: Z supply joggers from Raina Dawn Boutique.

My Amsterdam Airport look: Fila Disrupter II sneakers from DSW.

Get Hard

First and foremost, I think luggage should be stylish. Luggage is just another extension of your style and how you express yourself so have fun with it. It also can be very expensive so take the time to do the research. Make sure it comes with a warranty for any defects. I have been having a terrible time with my cloth luggage getting ripped as it gets tossed around during the whole baggage handling ordeal. That whole process fascinates me by the way. What do you study in school? Baggage logistics Specialist?  This is an important job! Have you ever lost your baggage? It is seriously stressful. Anyway, the front storage pockets are eliminated with hard cases but it’s not worth spending 100 bucks or more to buy new luggage for each flight. Also, make sure the luggage is a spinner with four wheels so it can be pushed easily. No need to break your back. Most importantly, make sure the luggage is cute. I already said that but …I mean…it’s important, so be a cutie.

Just purchased this Betsy Johnson Luggage from Macy’s. 

Rolling Solo

I fly around the world alone often and I love it. I feel really safe because, honestly, the airport has lots of eyes on everyone. The airport is the perfect place to be alone because you are not alone being alone! When you go by yourself to the bar at the airport, you never feel awkward drinking or sitting by yourself because there are like 35 other people at the bar alone. I have met so many cool people at airports over my years and have heard so many stories. You miss these chance encounters sometimes if you are traveling with someone. One piece of advice for traveling alone is to make sure your carry on is a book bag or a rolling bag on four wheels. When you fly alone you are required to take your bag into the bathroom. Using these types of bags eliminates your actual bag from touching the floor or counter.