I would describe my style as very feminine with a touch of sexy.  I feel lucky to be in a place where I am excited about how clothes fit on my body. Girls will sometimes approach me (mostly drunk ones in bathrooms!!) to tell me how much they love my outfit, but say it’s something they could never pull off. I’m always thinking to myself, that is your first problem right there baby gurl! We are queens. We can pull off whatever, IF we truly believe we can.

Confidence about my body is something that developed with age. I finally understood how much time I wasted worrying about the most LEGIT ridiculous stuff when I could have been being a bad ass. In hindsight, I realize I was obsessed with some random stretch mark or blemish I now can hardly remember.  It’s crazy to think how these very common and normal “flaws” impacted absolutely nothing significant in my life.  I mean… like …nothingggg.

What is cool though, is that on the occasions when I did rock a bomb sexy dress, with massive confidence, I can easily recall the exact night, time, and weather. I can remember because I was a showstopper. I can remember, mostly, because I felt so good about myself. This, my friends, is the most important ingredient to wearing anything sexy.

This extreme sexy dress is from Hello Molly and the nude stiletto sandal is by Aldo.

Here are my tips for wearing a sexy dress:

Keep it simple
Keep your hair, make-up and shoes very simple. Pick one asset you find sexiest to highlight and it will keep you sexy  AND classy. If you have cleavage, wear a midi dress. If you are wearing a dress that shows legs, try long sleeves or a high neck.

Dress for yourself
If you are trying to impress people it’s corny and it shows. You WILL impress people if you wear what you actually like because you will exude confidence.

Be confident
Remember when Kate Middleton walked the runway like a diva in that sexy dress in college? Royalty came knocking at her door because she already acted like a queen. Don’t let chicks who are not confident project their insecurities or slut shame you. Cause they will try it honey! You look good. You know it. Werk.

Anddddd….As the Queen Beyoncé instructed, “Put your Freakum Dress On!”