Woman walks down NYC street in blazer dress and white thigh boots

For me, the blazer represents power, strength, leadership and a million other boss related adjectives.  It’s one of those rare clothing items that can been seen all around the world on anyone, at any age. It’s classic. Any boss you meet will have a stack of them in their closet. Even Mark Zuckerberg took off his hoodie and put on his blazer to testify before Congress! Blazers mean business and that is super sexy to me.

The blazer street wear trend that started a few years ago is still going strong. If you haven’t tried the trend there is still time and it won’t be too much of a fuss. Blazers are one of the easiest clothing items to find in just about any retail store, new or vintage. Also, you probably already have most of the items in your closet needed to create a look.

 It’s super easy and fun to style a blazer and especially fun to make a blazer sexy, because…THEY ARE. Here are some of my tips below:

Four Ways to Make a Blazer Sexy

  • Anytime you add thigh highs to any outfit it immediately goes for zero to sexy time. You can make a blazer sexy by wearing a blazer dress or over sized men’s blazer cinched tight with a funky belt and a pair of bad ass thigh highs. If you want to take it up a notch, try a boot made from a sexy material like pvc in white or clear.
  • A blazer is viewed typically as a coat you wear over something. Make a blazer sexy by wearing very little under it like a crop top, bustier, bralette or even nothing at all (cue the double sided tape!).
  • The most common paring of a blazer is as part of a suit. Make a blazer sexy by pairing it with funky tights, a mini skirt, biker or jeans shorts. See tip #1 for how to style an over sized blazer and turn it into a sexy little dress.
  • Play up your accessories by adding a fun hat, fashion glasses, and/or bling out your blazer by adding some military style pins, patches or a chain hip belt.
Woman stands against a wall wearing thigh highs and a blazer dress

Photos by @Rockinhedgehog

Woman walks down a NYC street wearing thigh highs and a blazer dress

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