Generally, I love textures, prints, and anything that looks particularly luxurious. Recently, I have become obsessed with feather heels!  I picked up this pair randomly on a mall trip and I have been wearing them with literally everything. My favorite way to rock feather heels is with boyfriend jeans and a T-shirt. I think the mix of something chill and masculine on top with just a punch of sexiness the feather heel brings is the ultimate cool girl styling combo.  And we all know…there is nothing sexier than being cool. Feather heels are perfect for fall because the feathers give off the idea of warmth even though your little toesies are still trying to be out for a few more weeks. Of course, you can also rock them with something really elegant and formal or even nothing on at all!!! I picked up these cute feather heels from Mad Rag Stores. I have been getting a gazillion compliments on these guys. They really are a total head turner!

Feather heels

If you want to try to the look, check out these cute feather shoes you can buy right now:

Feather heelsFeather Heels