We all have certain go-to items we really love to incorporate into our style for that extra flavor and personality. For me, it is 100% the corset (#obsessed). They are classic, sexy and always stylish.  They come in range of prices and they create a beautiful silhouette that looks flattering on every body type. The best part, of course, is that you can elevate almost any simple dress or shirt by throwing a corset over top of it.

As you are deciding on the final accessories and details of any look, I suggest keeping the corset as an option.  The same way you test out different bags over your shoulder in a mirror, try adding the corset to see if it is your vibe. Corsets have been en vogue since the 19th Century, so you really cannot go wrong. Experiment and have fun!  As with anything with styling, you really do not know unless you try. Besides if you can’t make it work for the day, you can always save it for your boo thang at night!

Here is how I style the modern corset for some inspo:

Sexy Street

  1. For a sexy street style, add a corset over a rock or sporty t-shirt. Throw on some over-the-knee boots or chunky sneaks and mix together with a bad-ass attitude.

Edgy Editorial

  1. For a chic editorial look, try mixing two prints. Separate the prints by adding a corset to chinch the waste in the middle. Top off with a sexy smize.

Day Time Diva

  1. For a day look, try a pastel or cream-colored corset over a white button down shirtdress. Add a pair of chunky sneakers and take no mercy.

Here are some items you can buy right now to create an edgy modern corset look: