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How to Wear Your Spots: 3 Tips for Overcoming Hardships

Social media can really be a gift and a curse for a number of different reasons. On the positive side, it allows like-minded people to connect globally, inspire or become inspired and stay in contact with old and new friends. Social media, unfortunately, can have many down sides too. I won’t name them all, but as a new social media "person" I can say that people start to view you through a [...]

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“Instaworthy” Instagram Photos by Strangers

Lots of peeps have told me they are surprised to hear many of my photos on Instagram are taken by complete strangers on the street. Below are some tricks for how to get Instaworthy photos on your cell from a stranger. Stay Ready and Be Confident If you want to get bomb pics, you MUST be camera ready! That means practicing your angles and poses so you have a general idea of what you [...]

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How to Sparkle and Shine in 20 One Nine

Can you believe it’s almost 2019?? I don’t know about you, but it feels like the older I get the quicker the years fly by. New Year’s Eve has never been a big thing to me in terms of resolutions (only in terms of turning up!). I always celebrate the new year on my birthday. I set my goals and resolutions around my age. My b-day is in August, so [...]

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The Top 5 Reasons I loved My 4 days in Amsterdam

It’s so stylish. The street style in Amsterdam is really on another level. It’s the best I have seen anywhere. Italian style is more like effortless elegance. Amsterdam style is effortless rocker urban hippie chic. I spotted a ton of leather, fur coats mixed with chunky boots and ripped jeans.  Everything felt really young, fresh and cutting edge. There were lots of variations of current trends like animal prints and plaids. The shopping was [...]

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How To be Fly while Flying: Travel Tips for Flying like a Pro

I love lots of things, clothes being very high on the list and travel is right on up there. I have noticed a thing or two as I have prepared for travel and navigated my way through the airport. I am headed off to Amsterdam today and hope you can use some of the tidbits I have learned along the way on your own adventures. Google Flights is my boyfriend Er mi GAWDDD. Google [...]

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Badass and Bold

I like my fashion choices bold and I like my life choices even bolder (Is that even a word, guyz? If not, it is today.) The fall is everyone’s perfect analogy for new beginnings…or endings. They technically are the same thing, if you really think about it. Every time something ends, it’s an amazing opportunity to create a space for something new and beautiful to start, IF (and only if), we manifest it. No [...]

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Power: Get the Suit

Lately, I have been feeling so freakin’ good. I am really vibing and enjoying life. I had some awful years previously and a lot of weight on my shoulders so it’s nice to feel light. Life is like that. It ebbs and flows.When it’s good, FULLY enjoy it!  With this lightness also comes a feeling of power over my life (at least the parts I can control). I could probably control how much wine and [...]

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