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Visiting the Atlantis Bahamas

There are so many great things about being an East Coast Girl. One positive is that we can just pop down to the Caribbean and literally be in paradise in a little over 2 hours. This Christmas my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate separately because his parents live in Italy. Instead, we had our own “Holiday after the Holiday” at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was super fun! Here is [...]

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Preakness Princess: The Perfect Dress for Weddings and Summer Events

I feel like I say everything is my favorite thing…BUT…the Preakness Stakes is definitely My FAVORITE THING! This year I was so excited to collaborate with my friends at Geegeebae for this amazing butterfly princess look.  I got a TON of compliments on it (like more than ever in my life). If you have a cool summer party or wedding coming up, this set would definitely impress your date or maybe (even [...]

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The Top 5 Reasons I loved My 4 days in Amsterdam

It’s so stylish. The street style in Amsterdam is really on another level. It’s the best I have seen anywhere. Italian style is more like effortless elegance. Amsterdam style is effortless rocker urban hippie chic. I spotted a ton of leather, fur coats mixed with chunky boots and ripped jeans.  Everything felt really young, fresh and cutting edge. There were lots of variations of current trends like animal prints and plaids. The shopping was [...]

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La Bella Vita: Italy 2018

It’s hard to find enough adjectives that can clearly describe the perfection that is Italy. I have been five times and there is no sign of stopping. I am obsessed with everything Italian. It’s too much to be summed up in one post, so I am going to do a little series on the top reasons I love Italy. Let’s start with the very very obvious and one of the BEST reasons: 1) [...]

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