I like my fashion choices bold and I like my life choices even bolder (Is that even a word, guyz? If not, it is today.) The fall is everyone’s perfect analogy for new beginnings…or endings. They technically are the same thing, if you really think about it. Every time something ends, it’s an amazing opportunity to create a space for something new and beautiful to start, IF (and only if), we manifest it. No sitting on your cute little booty if you want to make things happen babe. As my friend, (pretend friend in my mind) Britney Spears eloquently stated, “You betta werk bitch.”

What does it mean to be bold in your life and in fashion? Here are my thoughts:


Stop living your life by the way society categorizes you. I am a 35 year old, childless, divorcee.  These are just a few of the words that describe me, but most certainly don’t DEFINE me. I define me. Moms can still be sexy and fun. A strong independent woman can still be feminine or love the company of a partner. A serious woman can be hilarious. A smart woman can be fashionable. Being bold means making a very deliberate effort to get to know and understand yourself. It means using that understanding to feed your soul with what drives you.  It means not trippin’ if your soul feeding does not fit neatly into someone else’s definition of how you should be. It’s your soul darling. No one else’s. Take care of it.


Stop talking yourself out of outfit choices because of what other people think or what you have (incorrectly) told yourself you can’t pull off. The most amazing stylish people have a really strong point of view because they consistently wear what they like. If you are bold and wear what makes YOU happy, this authenticity will shine through.

Go back and look at your last five photos. If you are like… a really bright lip, or a cool statement necklace would have taken these outfits to the next level, I was just too much of a weenie to do it, try one of these things for the fall. Look at your favorite fashion mags and bloggers. When something jumps out to you that is fly and excites you, don’t think any further. Don’t say, ohhhhh, but it only looks good on herrrr. Stop it right there Sis. Go get it…like… immediately. Be bold and incorporate that into your fall 2018 wardrobe. It will be fun and you will be proud of yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone. I just did it for myself.  I said… Gurlll, you’ve been playin’ it safe with accessories. It’s time to step it up. So, this fall you will see me wearing a lot more of them mixed in with bright colors and textures.

This bright red shaggy jacket and necklace are from Nasty gal. My shiny pleather hat is from Asos. I am rocking my new accessories as well. The earrings and ring are by Luxe and my shoes are from Agaci.

As the leaves fall and the year ends, I am thinking a lot about 2019, new beginnings and how I want to keep pushing to make things happen for myself.  I want to be bold. I want look bold. I want to succeed bold and I want to be bold. I said I want to be bold twice, because I REALLLLLY want to be. I think you and I should put in the werk bitch (I meannn …Britney said it first. I am just copying her. I love you.) Let’s be badass and bold this fall and beyond.