I have so many things I am really happy about in 2018. Starting this blog is one of them. I traveled a lot. I found my stride at work. I let go of old baggage ( the emotional kind, not the Gucci kind) andddd (drum roll please) animal prints and faux fur are THE THING this year. I know…the last one seems out of place from the rest, but you got to take the big AND the small things. Literally, anything that gets me motivated no matter how big or small is a blessing. I’m really hoping the animal print over-the-knee blessing will last a while!  Animal print is like a basic black or nude to me. It fits with almost anything and gives an outfit a little bad ass edge. I don’t know what it is about having the boot land just above the knee or to the thigh that just screams “SEXY”, but I totally am here for it. Both trends are hot on their own, so together it’s like dayyum girl! Don’t hurt ‘em. Admittedly, I’m pretty extra and over-the-top myself so when a trend comes along that celebrates doing the most, I am all for it. Check out my take on the look in Rue 21 and three over-the-knee animal print boot looks I love.

Champion Sweatshirt and Rue 21 Over-the-Knee Boots