Woman crossing a NYC street wearing a black leather dress and snake print shoes Leather style is a major trend this fall, which I said in an earlier post but had to write about again because it is so freaking exciting! I like textures and materials that scream “I’m a bad bish” (had to put the PG version in for my mom).  It’s very hard to compete with leather. It might very well be the most badass material of them all. Honorable mention to lace and vinyl for always making me feel sexy, but leather is the ultimate. Of course, when I say leather, I mean pleather. Nowadays, they have pretty much perfected it and looks like the real deal.

I am excited to push my leather boundaries and take it up a notch by wearing colored or animal printed leather this fall. If you are a little more timid or new to the leather game, there is still a way to join in on all the leather fun.  Try keeping it chic and simple with a black leather dress until you take off your training wheels.

You can spice up your black leather dress look in three simple ways:
  • Snake print boots are incredibly on trend this year. Add a pair of snakeskin boots or booties for just a punch of fun on your feet and keep the dress simple on  top.
  • Structured, strangely shaped and textured bags are very much on trend as well. Add a funky bag in any shape or color and keep the dress basic and black.
  • Play up the accessories in your hair. Stack as many pearl barrettes and diamante phrase hair pins in your hair as possible. I say pick the pins that say sassy things. After all, no one can blame a chick for being sassy in black leather.
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Woman crossing a NYC street wearing a black leather dress and snake print shoes
Close up of a woman sitting on a bench wearing a black leather skirt, snake print boots and snake heels

Photos by: Brian Lau