I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  I am, however, a sucker for a theme! When I found out there was a Valentine’s Day Dress Code, admittedly the cheesy side of me felt super excited. A theme within a theme is basically a theme lover’s dream! I got really Dr. Seuss on you guys for a second there but it’s so true.  I tried to do a little research on who on earth  (or some other planet) made up this Valentine’s Day Dress Code business. Sadly, I found no promising leads. I still have no clue who invented this idea but apparently it is a thing. Maybe not a major thing, but a thing nonetheless!

What I think is cute about the Valentine’s Day Dress Code is that it is inclusive.It turns a lovers holiday into a fashion lovers holiday for anyone who wants to have some fun expressing their relationship status through clothes.

……Soooo, what exactly is the Valentine’s Day Dress Code you ask ? It’s pretty simple! See this handy chart below:

 a key that indicates which colors of clothing represent romantic feelings for Valentines Day

I am currently VERY in love (yay) so I am showing off a cute red dress I got from my friends at GeeGeebae. You can use the code “themackrae” for 15% off this red dress or anything on their site.  I also picked out 24 dresses that meet the Code if you are in love, free and accepting invitations or you are taking your time and waiting!

Valentine's Day Dress Code woman wearing midi length red dress and red purse outside and smiling

Already in Love

Free and Accepting Invitations

Taking Time and Waiting

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