A huge trend in summer 2019 are dresses and skirts with sneaks. I totally love it because it’s way more comfy and fresh feeling than wearing flat sandals. I don’t know about you, but after some hours of walking around in sandals, the little thong thing in the middle is killing me, my feet are sweaty or they are just down right sore from the hard ground. The sneaker trend is a much-needed fix. You can still be light and cute in a dress or skirt and wear a more manageable pair of shoes, which is amazing. This is especially great for traveling. Now that platform sneaks are really trendy, it’s easy to find them  with lots of cushion and of course you can soak up any potential sweat and add comfort with ankle socks.

I also personally love wearing dresses and skirts as opposed to shorts in the summer. It’s so stressful being hot and trying to keep your shorts down and out of your…mmm… everywhere!

The midi skirt is super popular right now and looks great with a graphic or white tee. If you want to get a bit funkier with it (I am the queen of extra over here!) then try a midi with ruffles or animal print.

Check me out in the midi skirt and sneaks look below:

Top: Zara   Skirt: Delfi Collective  Shoes: Addidas

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