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Four Ways to Make a Blazer Sexy

For me, the blazer represents power, strength, leadership and a million other boss related adjectives.  It’s one of those rare clothing items that can been seen all around the world on anyone, at any age. It’s classic. Any boss you meet will have a stack of them in their closet. Even Mark Zuckerberg took off his hoodie and put on his blazer to testify before Congress! [...]

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Visiting the Atlantis Bahamas

There are so many great things about being an East Coast Girl. One positive is that we can just pop down to the Caribbean and literally be in paradise in a little over 2 hours. This Christmas my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate separately because his parents live in Italy. Instead, we had our own “Holiday after the Holiday” at the Atlantis in the Bahamas. It was super fun! Here is [...]

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The Valentine’s Day Dress Code: What is it?

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  I am, however, a sucker for a theme! When I found out there was a Valentine’s Day Dress Code, admittedly the cheesy side of me felt super excited. A theme within a theme is basically a theme lover’s dream! I got really Dr. Seuss on you guys for a second there but it's so true.  I tried to do a little research on who on earth  [...]

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How to Style Tweed Without Looking Frumpy!

I absolutely loathe the cold!  One of the few upsides is that I am super looking forward to rocking some tweed style for the winter! Tweed style and tweed fabric get a bad rap for looking "frumpy dumpy" or  like you are on your way to an afternoon clay shoot with the Queen of England (without Meghan and Harry, which would actually make it really cool!). Similar to plaid and houndstooth, tweed fabric is [...]

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3 Ways to Accessorize a Black Leather Dress

Leather style is a major trend this fall, which I said in an earlier post but had to write about again because it is so freaking exciting! I like textures and materials that scream “I’m a bad bish” (had to put the PG version in for my mom).  It’s very hard to compete with leather. It might very well be the most badass material of them all. Honorable mention to lace and vinyl for [...]

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How to Wear Sequins During the Day

It’s fun to see what’s happening on the runways, but more importantly I love to see how people interpret styles on the streets. One of the street styles I vibed with this summer was sequins during the day. Sequins is a look that is normally associated with the evening and holidays, so it was very charming to see it out boldly in the summer daylight. I know there is a whole war on [...]

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Houndstooth Print for 2019

I am super excited that houndstooth print is a major trend for Fall 2019! I have always loved houndstooh, first of all because of the name ( it's honestly fun to say) and second because it's so classic. Houndstooth exudes sophistication and elegance.  Also, because houndstooth is generally in black or white, it's fun to mix it up by throwing in a bight red shoe, yellow bag or teal sweater.  If all over print [...]

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